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navy blue waxed canvas Holdall

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ntandy began with a belt so bold and handsome, so simple and functional it fit the bill whether heli-boarding the Himalayas or hammer back highballs. Now, the art of recreation, like a beacon of light from across a galaxy of madness has inspired a new creation. Introducing, a recreational containment device so fearless and dashing, so straightforward and utilitarian you may question life on this planet without it. Announcing the new ntandy waxed canvas Holdall.

Conceived with one elementary objective in mind: to help you keep your sh#t together. Forged from impenetrable Martexin 10.10 oz. water resistant waxed canvas on the outside, with bold ntandy, board short style nylon inside and undisputed champion, YKK Vislon zippers to keep your dreams inside safe and sound.

ntandy Holdall’s, Keep your other bags ordered and your head straight.

Made in California, USA, Earth

ntandy Holdall uses:
- Note: ntandy Holdall’s are UNISEX because the need to hold, haul, ferry and carry objects is a gender neutral, human right.

- Use a Holdall for a journey in which you care to keep small items like cell phone chargers, camera chargers, computer chargers, headphone cables and other incredibly annoying crap rom being devoured by the
abyss of your larger bag, provoking you to spew graphic expletives, while hurling personal belongings across an airport as horrified strangers look on…

- Use a Holdall as a more than sufficient and streamlined Dopp kit, which encourages you to leave behind superfluous items such as: beard styling moose, eye-brow conditioners, sideburn sculpting chisels, 9 different forms of supplements aimed to offer a false sense of control in your life and or a large boar bristled brush, when a comb is sufficient.

- Use a Holdall on a trip to the beach where you want to keep you wallet and cell phone from being destroyed by the relentless and merciless] elements of Mother Nature.

Martexin 10.10 oz. waxed canvas exterior
100% nylon interior
YKK molded Vislon zippers

The ntandy Holdalls are constructed by a military bag manufacturer in downtown L.A. so the construction is bulletproof.

Waxed canvas ages like a fine wine sherpa, gaining character and personalty with each and every adventure.
*And, also like a sherpa, do not attempt to wash in a washing machine, simply administer a moist cloth to remove undesirable soiling or stains.