How to "triple fold"

For one interested in pushing their ntandy belt to the limit, one may want to consider the "TRIPLE FOLD". The triple fold not only let's others know you have the eye-hand coordination and motor skill dexterity of a 1960’s NASA test pilot, but ensures your ntandy logo is displayed with authority. Instructions below.


Step One: Run belt through buckle.

 Orange no foldA

Step Two: Rotate buckle using your LEFT HAND counter clockwise so buckle is at a ninety degree angle to your stomach.  Now grab buckle with your RIGHT HAND while releasing your LEFT HAND. 


Step Three: With your RIGHT HAND thread the end of your belt through top opening of the buckle.


Step Four: Pull end through buckle while still keeping the buckle at a ninety degree to your stomach. 


Step Five: Pull her tight and dream on.